Top 10 facts of Opc registration

opc registration in chennai

Top 10 facts of Opc registration

Like private limited, in an OPC registration in Chennai both chief and part can be a similar person. 

While enlisting, you ought not to get certain things off-base as your application for registration may get dismissed or postponed. In this article, we have recorded top 10 things to recollect while enlisting a One Person Company in Chennai or OPC in India. 

opc registration  in Chennai

Name of the One Person Company 

While applying for name endorsement, government won’t understand what sort of company you will enroll as it’s the initial step prior to submitting Spice form alongside documents for registration. 

Subsequently, assuming you are intending to enroll a One Person Company registration in Chennai or OPC, following focuses should be recall while applying for name endorsement; 

The word (OPC) ought to be put in the middle of the company name before the word private limited. For example, something like, ABC innovation (OPC) Private Limited, XYZ web arrangements (OPC) Private Limited. Kindly note, name should end with words “private limited”. 

Name ought not be indistinguishable with or look like also almost to the name of a current company. 

Name ought not to be excessively broad 

Notwithstanding over three focuses, any remaining arrangements are to be follow according to organizations act 2013. 

In such manner, we recommend you to peruse our prior article how to pick your company name. While proposing names to your contracted bookkeeper, cost bookkeeper, CS or supporter, you should remember these things. 

opc registration in chennai

Restrictions on OPC 

One Person Company or OPC has certain hindrances because of which a private limited company in Chennai is a favor decision. Here are sure significant limitations: 

OPC can’t have in excess of 15 chiefs. 

A One Person Company can’t have more than one financial backer. 

OPC can’t have in excess of 50 lakhs settled up capital and 2 crore turnover. 

A One Person Company isn’t permit to complete Non-Banking Monetary Speculation exercises remembering venture for protections of any body-corporate. 

OPC isn’t permit to get change over to a segment 8 company. 

On the off chance that you approve of the impediments of the OPC, you can enroll it with the public authority or probably join a private limited company. 

opc registration in chennai

Compulsory Conversion To Private Limited Company

According to the arrangements of organizations act 2013, an OPC registration in chennai needs to necessarily get change over to private limited if following conditions are fulfill: 

Settled up share capital has surpassed to Rs 50 lakhs, and 

Turnover of the company crossed 2 crore during the last monetary year. 

Assuming both the above conditions are fulfill, One Person Company registration in Chennai should get change over to Private Limited. This implies you can’t operate it’s anything but an OPC. 

opc registration in chennai

Limitation to Raise Asset from Financial backers 

The most importantly measures of an OPC is that it ought to have just a single part or Shareholder holding 100% of the company shares. 

On the off chance that your need extra financing to extend your business or someone needs to participate by holding a segment of offer capital, then, at that point it’s anything but conceivable as an OPC can’t have more than one part. 

To get financial backers into your one person company, you either need to hang tight for a very long time or fulfil the two conditions (examined above) to get change over to private limited. 

Principle Object of Your Business 

Principle object of the One Person Company registration in Chennai characterize the kind of business exercises it will embrace post incorporation. 

For example, assuming you are intending to form it’s anything but an information innovation company, the principle object condition of MOA ought to be draft so that you can convey all sort of business identified with information innovation. 

On the off chance that a specific kind of action isn’t mentioned in the primary item provision, then, at that point the OPC can’t do that business. In the event that you need to do that business, then, at that point certain systems are to be followed and forms are to be document to change the MOA. It requires some investment and money. 

To keep away from such sort of trouble, we propose you to draft it directly at the hour of registration. 

You should ensure that the primary item condition of MOA drafted so that it permit you to do practically all organizations in your subject matter. 

opc registration  in Chennai

Director details  in Spice And AOA 

In an OPC either the part can be name as a chief or some other person chose by the part. 

Whoever has been chosen as a chief, you should specify his/her subtleties in the SPICe form and AOA. 

You are additionally need to connect following documents of the chief: 

Examined duplicate of the perpetual record number or Container 

Examined duplicate of Personality verification – elector ID/DL/Visa 

Examined duplicate of address evidence – Bank proclamation/telephone charge/portable bill/power bill not more seasoned than 2 months 

In light of what you have top off in the Spice form, Noise gets given after endorsement and the worry person gets selected as a head of the company. 

You can change your chief whenever after registration, however we propose you to pick the opportune person who can deal with the company and fill every one of the subtleties accurately to stay away from any future issues. 

Registered Office Address 

While recording Spice form for OPC registration in Chennai , you will be approached to top off your office address. It can either be chosen as a correspondence or enroll office address. 

In the event that you select correspondence address, the form won’t request any supporting documents to append. Be that as it may, for this situation you need to document e-form INC-22 for enlisted office address inside 30 days from the date of incorporation alongside rent understanding/house possession verification, service bill and NOC from the house proprietor. 

Disappointment in recording the e-form INC-22, will draw in extra charge contingent upon the times of postponement. 

In the event that you need the chose address as enlist office at the hour of recording Spice, then, at that point above documents are to be appended with the Spice form and you need not document separate form (INC-22) for enrolled office. 

Accordingly, in light of your prerequisite, you should ensure that the location has been effectively filled and enlisted/correspondence alternative has been chosen dependent on your decision. 

paid Up And Approved Offer Capital 

Settled up share capital is the sum that you as a part will put into the company. 

Approve offer capital is as far as possible endorsed by ROC up to which you can raise you’re settle up share capital money. 

You can raise cut-off points of both settled up and approved offer capital after registration. 

Nonetheless, we propose you to ensure that the sum has been effectively entered as you need to store money equivalent to you’re settle up share capital into the financial balance of the OPC registration. 

You should ensure that the measure of settled up capital in Spice form is by and large coordinating with the sum you might want to contribute. 


Nomine is a person who gets delegate as an individual from the One Person Company registration in bangalore in case of death of the sole part. This implies he/she will be 100% proprietor of the company when the sole part passed on. 

A chosen one should be an Indian resident and inhabitant in India. The individual in question ought not to be a minor. A person for this reason, will be consider as occupant in India, if that person has remained in India for a time of at the very least 182 days during the quickly going before one schedule year. 

opc registration in chennai

In the event of one Person Company the supporter at the hour of registration needs to specify the name of the other person designated by him to acknowledge the commitment of part if there should be an occurrence of death or ineptitude of the endorser. 

Assuming you have employed an advisor to draft documents for registration, ensure that the right name has been set in the candidate area. 

Prior to applying for registration, you need to ensure that after things are accurately done prior to recording Spice: 

Check duplicate of candidate’s Skillet, ID, and address confirmation alongside form INC-3 is connected to Spice. Ensure that all such documents are decipherable. 

Toward the end page of Update of affiliation, you will top off the name of the candidate and different subtleties. 

Proposed candidate ought not to be a chosen one in some other one person company. 

You can change the name of the chosen one whenever you need. Any progressions to the chosen one ought not to be consider as change to the notice of affiliation. 

Documents Needed To Form One Person Company 

Assuming you have chosen to form an OPC, ensure that after documents are accessible prior to preparing your application: 

Assent from the chosen one in form INC-3. 

Examined duplicate of chief, part and candidate’s Container card. It’s an absolute necessity. 

Private location verification of candidate, chief and part. Either bank proclamation, power bill, telephone or portable bill not more season than 2 months are acknowledge as privatelimitedcompanyregistration

opc registration in chennai

Chief, part and candidate’s verification of personality. Either citizen ID, Identification Driving Permit is acknowledge as ID evidence. 

Advanced mark endorsement of chief and part. In the event that chief and part is a similar person, one DSC is require.

We recommend you to take help either from a rehearsing sanctioned bookkeeper, cost bookkeeper, company secretary or backer for registration of one Person Company registration in Chennai You should keep above documents prepared prior to moving toward them. 

Notwithstanding above documents, the expert drew in for OPC incorporation, requirements to set up certain other authoritative documents for recording as a connection to the SPICe form. Request that they send you a duplicate for your survey prior to transferring something similar alongside SPICe form.