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The OPC Registration is a company that is formed by discrete person. It is a new business entity that may suitable for entrepreneurs to start a new business. The OPC In Chennai act was introduced in 2013. Under this act there are many advantages to the owner and the shareholders. There are some restrictions on the capital, Turnover, etc. However OPC is a successful type of business entity.The Person should be anIndian or resident of India for a certain period of time.

The minimum authorized capital must be 1lakh. When the share of the company exceeds than 50 lakhs and turnover to 2 crores it can be converted as a Private limited Company. Legal entities like LLP cannot incorporate with OPC. The Promoter must appoint the nominee during incorporation. There is no specific paid up capital for OPC .It can have only one member or shareholder. A unique feature of OPC differs from other companies, has to mention the name of the nominee while registering the company.

Privileges of OPC Company

Flexible Tax and More Savings

OPC, it is necessary to pay taxes at a flat rate of 30% on profits+ec+sc. You need to pay Dividend Distribution Tax and Minimum Alternate Tax. This will save your profit and it can be Manage by the single person.

Easy Funding

OPC can provide fund through institutions and investors. It allows the transaction between the private companies. It can easily avail loan without any security deposits like small scale industries.

Complete Control with Single Owner

The Complete Control allows the Owner to easily manage his/her profits. He/she is responsible to run a business. He has full power to make any decision or changes in the Company .He can start business other than nonfinancial banking investments.


According to norms, there is no need to conduct annual meeting and need to conduct two board meetings in 6 months and the gap between two meetings should be less than ninety days.

Financial Statement

The OPC must include balance sheet, profit and loss and statements in equity. It is required to submit a copy of financial statement within 180 days from the closure of the financial year. Cash flow statement is excluded.


OPC must have 1 shareholder, one director and shareholder can be a director and there should be 1 Nominee. The nominee must be appointed by the promoter.

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