One person company registration in Chennai – An outline

opc registration in chennai

OPC registration in Chennai is another idea that have present with the Company’s Demonstration 2013. One Person Company in Chennai is incorporate by a solitary person. Before the requirement of the Organizations Act 2013 a solitary person couldn’t set up a company. An OPC has components of a Company and the advantages of the sole ownership. Prior assuming a person needed to build up a business, the individual in question ought to just settle on a sole ownership.

opc registration in chennai
opc registration in chennai

According to Segment 2 (62) of the Company’s Demonstration 2013, a company can be form with only 1 director and 1 part. One Person Company registration in Chennai is a kind of substance where there are lesser compliances prerequisites than that of a Private Limited Company.

A OPC registration in Chennai can be acquire under the Organizations Act 2013 with only one single part and one Director. The Director and part can likewise be a similar person. Here a person who might be an inhabitant or Non-occupant Chennai can enroll an OPC in Chennai.

Significant explanations behind incorporating an OPC in Chennai

Status of a different lawful element:

An OPC registration in Chennai gets the situation with a different legitimate element. Here the risk of the part is limit to their offers and the individual in question isn’t personally responsible for the misfortunes that are incurring.

Simple to get assets:

As One Person Company is a different lawful substance it is not difficult to raise assets through investments, private backers, incubators, and so on One Person Organizations get advances effectively than an ownership firm. It is exceptionally simple to acquire reserves.

Less Compliances:

There are sure exclusions to the OPC with regards to compliances under the Organizations Act, 2013. There is no requirement for the Company Secretary to sign the books of records and yearly returns and is to be mark simply by the director.

Simple Incorporation:

It is not difficult to incorporate an OPC as just a single part and one Nominee are need for the incorporation. The part can be the Director as well. For incorporating an OPC in Chennai the base settled up capital required is Rs.1 lakh. In this way, it is not difficult to incorporate a One Person Company when contrasted with different forms of the element.

Simpler to deal with:

The OPCs are simpler to oversee as they can be set up just as run by one single person. The dynamic is simple and fast. Along these lines dealing with a company is simple as there will not be any contention or postponement inside the company.

Never-ending progression:

A person should be name as a Nominee. On the demise of the part, the nominee will run the company in the part’s place.

opc registration in chennai
opc registration in chennai

Records needed for OPC Registration

To enlist an OPC registration in Chennai a candidate needs to present the accompanying archives: 

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

Photo (Of Director and Nominee)

Latest Bank articulation or any bill that bears the name of the Director or the nominee

Latest Bill for the workplace address.

Procedure to get OPC Registration

Application for DSC: The accompanying records are need to get the DSC (digital signature certificate for the propose Director for which the accompanying reports should be submitted:

Address verification

Aadhar Card

PAN Card


Email Id

Phone Number.

Application for the Director ID Number:

When the DSC (digital signature certificate) is acquired the subsequent stage is to apply for the DIN for the proposed Director in SPICe Form alongside the name and address confirmation of the Director. Form DIR 3 is the lone alternative that is accessible for existing organizations. W.E.F from January 2018 the candidate isn’t needed to document Form DIR 3 independently. DIR 3 can be applied inside the SPICe Form for up to three Directors.

Name Endorsement Application:

The subsequent stage while incorporating an OPC is to choose the name of the Company. The Name of the company can be support in the SPICe+ 32 application. On the off chance that the name gets dismiss another name can be presented by making an application another SPICe+ Form.

When the name is endorse by the MCA we move to the subsequent stage to draft the MOA and AOA of the company.

opc registration in chennai
opc registration in chennai

MOA and AOA arrangement:

The Notice of Affiliation and Article of Affiliation are to be submit to the ROC.

The Notice of Affiliation comprises of the goals that are to be trail by the Company. The MOA expresses the business for which the company is being incorporate.

The Articles of Affiliation sets out the laws on which the company will work.

As there is just 1 Director and a part a Nominee must be name on the grounds that in the event of incapacitation or passing of the advertiser the Nominee needs to have the spot. The assent of the Nominee will be brought with the Container and Aadhar card in Form INC 3.

Affirmation and Assent of the propose Director will be taken in Form 9 and DIR 2 individually.

An affirmation by an expert ensuring that every one of the compliances are met.

Recording Forms with MCA:

Every one of the archives will be join in the SPICe Form, The MoA and the AoA will be transfer on the site for endorsement.

Issuance of Testament of Incorporation:

On checking the Recorder of Organizations will give the Incorporation and the business can be start.

What is the Job of Nominee in a One Person Company?

A nominee in an OPC registration in chennai is the person assign by the sole advertiser of the company to be his replacement. In the event of death or incapacitation, the Nominee will dominate. The nominee should be an Indian Resident and an inhabitant who is certainly not a minor. While incorporating a One Person Company, a Nominee Assent Form should be document with the MCA.

opc registration in chennai
opc registration in chennai

Withdrawal of Assent:

The Nominee can pull out his/her assent, for this situation, the sole part is need to designate another part as a lawful beneficiary inside 15 days of the notification of the withdrawal. The Selection of the new personnel should be insinuate to the company through a compose assent in Form INC 3. Thusly, the Company is need to document the notification of withdrawal of assent alongside the suggestion of the new nominee with the Enlistment center in Form INC 4.

Change in Nominee:

The Sole individual from the One Person Company registration in chennai can change the Nominee by providing notice recorded as a hard copy to the company. The new nominee should agree to the selection form in INC 3. The Company should document the notification of the change and the assent of the nominee with the enlistment center with the relevant expense, inside 30 days of getting the implication of progress.

Nominee Arrangement:

on the off chance that if the nominee becomes accountable for the company because of suspension of the first part’s term attributable until the very end or incapacity of the last mentioned, the new part should choose another nominee as a substitution. Punishment: If a One Person Company or an official of any such company isn’t consistent with the mentioned guidelines the substance may incur punishments as high as Rs.10, 000. Further, for every day of default, the punishment will be increase by a